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Multizebra is India's first innovative technology to provide White Label ,DMC and Travel technology with hassle free usage. We are IT innovators and creators. We provide hassle free white label solutions and technology. Pioneers in Technology, we always present the latest version of technology to the customers More than 40 thousand happy and satisfied customers.... You can be one of them.....Be a part of Multizebra family today!

How do I build a white label travel website?

To build a travel website all you have to do is visit Multizebra. Creating a website is easy but look out for the best outcomes of it as Multizebra is providing. The best B2B travel portal is the one which contains software consisting of well developed and upgraded features that determine and makes it a point to archive travel the Travel Company’s goals and also provide an easy booking experience for the travel agents. With the latest technology and the huge number of travellers, it is a bit difficult to manage bulk amount of bookings and it becomes necessary to have an Online Travel portal that manages bookings as well as make it easy to scale the business. Let’s have a look at the top Features those travel agents should look for in B2B Travel booking engine.

Easy and simple booking experience

Making the booking process easy is very important in today’s rapidly growing world. It is essential that the properties and inventories should be correctly mapped in the system. Searching, booking and paying must be done within a few seconds and updated as well us up-to-the-mark data of hotels, airlines and their inventories should be available to the travel agencies on the go. A B2B travel portal should easily add agents, sub-agents, adding custom markup, selling own inventories and reaching out to a wide audience.

Easy to manage the ticket booking and back office data

Online B2B travel should be able to manage the B2B portal from searching the existing bookings till viewing complete booking details in a row. Initiating from viewing the booking history a perfect B2B travel portal should be able to view the status history in appropriate confirming and modifying history. Also adding additional services like all sort of transfers, starting from groups and tours till viewing the client’s performance, top booking customers and everything that a travel business needs to have in their respective business’ progress should be available in the solution.

Complete control over back office and system

The back office is the soul of B2B travel portal. With the help of B2B travel portal managing back office users, profiles and rights should be at ease and also have the functionalities that are necessary for Travel agencies. Managing all kind of currencies, nationalities, Markups, currencies payment gateways, exchange rates, preferred cities, Offer, promotions, discounts should be available within a click

Re-scheduling, Processing and Cancellation on an automatic basis

Before travel agents had to open multiple windows and check the in fluctuations caused due to the difference in rates, inventories and destinations. This included opening hundreds of tabs and working on it manually. But, in this modern generation, Auto checking reduces the hassle involved in this process by providing the travel agents with an option to view all the data in one place also this saves a lot of time, money as well as efforts and reduces the possibility of manual errors.

Features like Auto cancellation and Auto re-scheduling features save a lot of time and leads to increase the efficiency of the Travel agent’s income. One can avail the best B2B travel portal at Multizebra.

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